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Our Products


At Telic Paper Sdn. Bhd., we specialized in designing and manufacturing molded pulp packaging solutions. Molded pulp packaging or molded pulp trays are made of 100% recycled fibers and it is 100% recyclable after it's useful life cycle, therefore making it a sustainable packaging. In Telic Paper Sdn. Bhd., we have various types of molded pulp machines to cater to different customers' budget and requirements. We also have the thermoforming machine a.k.a wet press machine, which is the latest innovation in the molded pulp tray industry to produce the highest quality of pulp products. Currently we are producing:

Fresh Produce Packaging 
1. Egg Trays
2. Apple Trays
3. Quail Egg Trays
4. Fruit Trays

Custom Pulp Packaging
1. Consumer Electronics Packaging (VCR, DVD, Speakers, Electronic Toothbrush, TV etc.)
2. Door Panel End Caps & Side Channels 
3. Clam Shell Jar Protectors 
4. Litter Trays
5. Furniture Corner Protectors 

Biodegradable Tableware 
1. Clam Shells
2. Bowls
3. Plates 


If what you are looking for is not listed down, don't worry as we have our own in-house mold fabrication facility - We are good at customizing new molded pulp tray designs.